HOT (Healthy, Organic but Tasty) Retail

Are you an organic firm with healthy, low pesticide produce?

Are you a cafe creating more nutritious and wholesome meals?

Are you a eco-friendly / low waste/ Fair-Trade retailer?

If the answer to all this is yes or even partially yes, we at Softbrik would be really glad to support your endeavors! Through our Trust Brik, you can get feedback or repeat orders from your Customers and through Stak Brik solve any specific queries or orders from them.

In a post Greta-Thunberg and Climate Strike world, study after study shows that younger Customers are more aware than ever about the health, ecological and social consequences of the food they consume. As a result, they are ready to pay slightly premium prices to ensure that they are stakeholders in responsible consumption.

Towards that end our Briks help your business to recreate the lost touch of cozy, in-person, “WE LISTEN and CARE” experience that super-markets cannot provide. How this works is very simple 4 step process:

1. Sign-up on Softbrik and assign Trust Brik to your key users. Create Items on the Trust Brik with simple details like Title, Description, and Point of Contact for the item. Print the labels and put the stickers on the item.

2. Your end-customers can use the Softbrik app to scan the QR and give more sales orders or feedback easily when they are using your product.

3. You can read all the reviews and check analytics to draw more insights

4. You can raise issues to Stak Brik from Trust and solve specific Customer queries for faster resolution. This great Customer experience turns into better loyalty and long term success!

This mechanism will help your team to provide more value to your customers and help your organization be seen as a more trusted brand.

Welcome to 2020 ” Bonus!!

Sign-up on Softbrik by end of February 2020 to get File Brik COMPLETELY FREE for 12 months per user with a €10 Brik subscription.

This lets your team store and share all large files with QR for free! (otherwise €6 user/month)

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