How Sports and Softbrik Keeps You Fit!

In today’s stressful and hectic world, gyms have emerged as a key place to get our daily dose of fitness and wellness. They are essential to maintain our health and to keep our lives balanced.
However, we often find that gyms don’t have a clear mechanism to listen to our feedback and even if they do, they are not well – organized to act on them quickly.

Is it possible for your average neighborhood gym then to run with more customer-centricity without spending a crazy amount on admin? Softbrik thinks its possible!

How? Let’s take a look.

No, not at that nice picture, but rather at an upscale gym where such customers go! In this case study, we talk about our customer Kev, a fitness enthusiast and an entrepreneur who spend his savings from his security background to open a gym. In terms of location Kev’s gym a 8 min walk from the center of the city and the Central Mall. The gym has around 700 square meters of space with separate zones for cardio, weights, and classes. Kev paid specific attention to create a zone for heavy lifters (mostly his old friends from the security company) and space for women-friendly classes. This was a savvy move as there is no large fitness studio for women nearby and he got a lot of the urban 20-30 something young professional crowd in these classes that combined fitness with dances and yoga.

In terms of customer onboarding, when a new customer joins Kev’s studio, the staff ensures that there is a dietician and a fitness examiner who builds personalized workout and diet charts. Equipments are always prescribed and every customer gets a personal “Card” to monitor their progress and record it. However, invariably almost 95% of the customers lost the card within the first 30 to 60 days and often their subscription invoices too, making it very hard for the gym to track them and renew cards. Once the card is lost, a significant percentage of the new customers los motivation to come to the gym, skipping days. Kev observed that most new users started getting “disengaged” after a month of using the gym and the drop-off rate was more than 75% for this beginner cohort. Worst because they did not share any feedback it was really hard for his team to understand what was happening!

Discipline through easy tracking – soon Kev realized that, its what he needs!

Btw he is not alone. In many similar businesses it’s hard to keep everything in one place: current/past/potential clients’ database, invoices, bills, invoices for purchasing new equipment or gym supplies etc and yet maintain a strong customer-centricity.

It is surely hard to run an institution but there can be a simple solution to mitigate some of these problems! 🏋️‍♀️

To solve such unique business problems, we made Softbrik. Softbrik is a cloud based simple but powerful app platform, where these smart apps called Briks can be combined to create unique business solutions for both service and product firms with physical assets (like say gym equipment). When Kev approached our specialist, we created a unique flow for him to:

a.) Take feedback from his customer through Trust Brik. His customers could directly scan and give feedback through our easy QR app.

QRs for feedback are simply the best ways! And Kev quickly came to the conclusion to print and put the feedback little and cute QRs in his gym. Easy specifically for those who take their phones, doing exercises on velo or race tracks and have the QRs visible and catchy to leave feedback. Hence Trust Brik tool for feedback via QR codes really helped the team to get in touch with the customer.

b.) Help his team to scan and put all the equipment and assets that belong to the company under clear owners and different locations as he opens more gym branches. It’s in the Allo Brik.

c.) In the File Brik his team drops all the documents, invoices, etc. and feel absolutely calm and safe since it’s a serverless cloud and means that all the documents can be easily retrieved. Also, Softbrik keeps all the customer data private under one hight secure and double encrypted account instead of multiple online accounts.

d.) Finally, Stak brik became the best helper for Kev and his employees with spreading tasks, contemplating the process of their completion. Ticketing system aka organization of tasks is one of those keys to a successful management that all the entrepreneurs need! 

For Kev, that’s been one of the better business decisions of the year! Obtaining all 4 Softbrik tools with 2 months free trial helped to reduce customer churn and team admin tasks at the same time.

Look at him, he is happy! We make things happen, make real all that you need for your business! Our goal to make all the “Kevs” in this world a bit happier, by taking organizational, storage and feedback tasks on us.

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