New Year – New Me✨

Yes, it’s still Christmas mood in the air, in January 2020. 🥂 It brings so much inspiration, ideas, new bright opportunities and promising projects. You can’t be just indifferent to this powerful magic, full of happy vibes, sparkling lights and beauty of our lives.
It’s time to contemplate our world, business, work, projects, dreams. We dream big, we create beautiful wishes that we want to make true!🎀

Beauty will never stay aside and is always on demand. Business world can’t abstain from it though! Eyebrows, lashes, manicure, spa… oh yes, we know such cute and happy places, our little oases that inspire and breathe the life and fun into us!

Making Beauty a Business has never been easier today. You need just a little help with organizing and keeping the business in good order. Softbrik can help and keep every piece and detail of your business together. Simple, easy, sustainable and affordable system – this is what you need to create a shiny, glamourous and popular place! 💆🏼‍♀️

Success is in the simplicity as it’s the main key: with File brik any bill for heating or hot and cold water won’t get lost, all the clients and potential clients’ database will be preserved, all the important documents for the team will be there too. This is cloud and serverless technologies of our 2020!

Having all the items, equipment and materials together, like how many scissors or towels you have, every hair dryer or gel-polish lamp will be listed in Allo brik! Just place little QR codes to every item you want to have in the system and after scanning each via your smatphone, you will never forget how many pieces of items every of your salon or spa bar has (yes, it can be more than 1 beauty bar, we believe in you!).

I can’t help mentioning the key element for spreading and completing tasks among your team or departments. That is very easy to use, pretty useful and can be conducted by our ticketing tool, which is Stak brik. ✅

The last but most important for you to have is feedback system and how to deal with it. Without feedback, there is no development! Especially for the beauty industry, it is immensely important to work for positive feedback from customers, right? Here is Trust brik for your service. Just place nice and shiny QR codes in your website, salon, on tables next to the hairdresser etc., be creative! That will be comfortable enough for the majority of the modern clients to leave the feedback that goes directly to your Softbrik system.

The uniqueness and main goal here is to keep all the 4 key points of your Beautiful Business together. If you manage everything well, keep the order, it will be a great boost for your success from the very beginning till growing it 💖

Feel free to contact us any time with any question regarding your Business, the product or just your ideas! 💌

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