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Today it is getting more important than ever to know what your customers want in order to develop a loyal and supportive customer base. So, what if there was a way you could take a step further and make your customers say what they want from Your company? 🧐 Whether it’s a small thing or question regarding the quality review new product overhauls and so on.

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As we mentioned in our previous insights, creating feedback loops first will help your business improve and adapt to customers demands and wishes. At the same time, you learn what customers like and dislike about any detail in your business.🤨| 😍

The trend that’s developing, however, is that everything needs to be time-efficient ⌚, even while giving feedback. People don’t call each other, they send voice messages as they can say much more information there.

customer with coffee and phone giving feedback

At Softbrik we’ve been working on a voice specific feedback system. So you can have both: the text and voice-based feedback systems. An interesting remark is that with our sophisticated AI you will be able to know whether or not it’s a positive or negative review (yes, we know yelling a review is probably a negative one!) but you will know for sure what caused the problem for the client and it’s a good thing for Your Business, right?😌

All you have to do is to set up a QR-code-based feedback loop with Trust Brik which is easy to use and implement in your products or services for customers to scan. Raise issues to Stak Brik and get a start on improving your product and service right away.

Scan, Improve, Profit! We believe in YOU! 🤗💛

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