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Have you imagined that to increase your revenue you only need two things? I already guess about the answer you are thinking right now: expensive sales tools and spending on paid ads. To increase your profit you only need to listen to your customers. Yes, you read this sentence right, I am talking about customer feedback. To earn more with Trust Brik it is enough to have a unique QR code and Trust Brik, and let the magic start. But one paragraph is not enough to understand how this platform works. Thus stay on board, as in the next parts I am going to take you to the journey how this magic happens.

infographic on how to use Trust Brik

Sign Up and Create Unique QR Code in Trust Brik

As I mentioned, in the beginning, one of the things that you need is a unique QR code. Here starts the panic, as most of the customers think that it is their responsibility to find ways to create QR code. Have a deep breath and relax. In Trust Brik you can create an item with unique QR code.

We Print and Ship QR Stickers to You

printing a QR code

After your unique QR code is ready, we print a necessary amount of QR stickers. You do not need to worry about the customization of stickers. We will customize it according to your wishes with your brand’s logo and name. When the stickers are ready, they will be shipped to your warehouse. Now you attach all these stickers on each of your products.

Customer Scans the Code and You Collect the Feedback.

Customer scanning QR code

When a customer buys your product, he can leave his feedback by scanning the QR code attached to your item. Finally, you get to the point when you are ready to collect feedback and improve your product. You will be able to answer to each feedback by raising an issue to Stak Brik without leaving your Softbrik account.

Take New Orders from Customers

customer placing an order

We go to the final point when you can get sales without advertising your product. If your customer likes your product, he will be able to place a new order from your form.

Bonus Tip for You.

phone number and email iocn

Do you remember, I have mentioned that you get phone numbers and email addresses of the customers? If you are thinking now that you can use these contacts for your later promotions then you are on the right path. Yes, exactly, use these contacts for your promotions, new product releases. Even upload email addresses to Facebook to target them in your Facebook Ad. And all these happen without breaking GDPR law. Make GDPR complaint sales and improve your profit.


To sum up, you will need to pass four easy steps to grow revenue without cold sales:

  1. Sign up and create unique QR code in Trust Brik
  2. Get printed and shipped QR stickers
  3. Collect the feedback from your customer
  4. Take new orders from customers from Trust Brik form.

Besides inform your customers about your next promotions, product releases, etc using contacts from feedback. Make GDPR complaint leads and profit. Are you ready to earn more with Trust Brik?

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