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Customer Feedback is an essential tool for every type of business, including HoReCa industry, especially Restaurants. According to recent research on online reviews,55.5 percent of consumers consider reviews quite essential when choosing a restaurant. That it turns, makes it crucial for restaurants to get more positive reviews, make the process as easy and accessible as possible.

As in every business, without feedback in restaurants, you will never meet the customer’s needs for products and services. You will also have problems connecting with loyal customers, which leads to high turnover rates. Customer feedback determines the importance of the exact product or service for the customer.

You don’t really need a complicated and expensive “restaurant feedback tools”. Here are three easy steps you can implement with Trust Brik to know what your customer thinking.

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Use QR Codes and ask the restaurant customers to text you their feedback.

Your customers have opinions or just recommendations about what you are serving up, and they want to be heard. But how to make it fast, accessible to everyone and easy?

Receiving feedback via text is one of the simplest ways to interact with your customers. Simply put QR codes on your tables, next to the cashier desk or directly in menus, so your customer can easily scan the code and provide you feedback. Trust Brik allows them to provide both text and voice-based feedback, which means they can just record their thoughts by scanning the code. Remember the fact, 92% of people will stop visiting a restaurant after just one bad dining experience, while 90% will return to that restaurant again if they will be heard by management.

Today, people prefer to use the easiest and fastest way of communication such as short texts or voice recordings, particularly if they have anything that might be somewhat negative to say. Perhaps you would prefer to receive negative feedback directly from the customer, instead of seeing it in public, somewhere in Google or TripAdvisor.

That’s why using Trust Brik and texting is a great way to get more feedback, fix the negatives directly with your customer. It gives your patrons the unique opportunity to converse with you directly. In that case, they’ll most probably tell you exactly how they feel- the good and the bad – so you can easily improve customer experience turn a negative into a positive and keep more customers loyal.

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