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There are many ways and advice available for you that could be implemented to collect and use customer feedback. Yet, in this article, we will provide you the best-proven strategies. While choosing the way to collect customer feedback, you should always consider how this way will be convenient for your customers. People do not want to spend too much time filling the questionnaires, answer to emails or phone calls. Therefore, in this article, we have built a strategy that will be convenient for both the customers and the company.

How to Collect Customer Feedback

1. Polls

Polls are easy to implement and people would not need to spend too much time answering the questions, as these are multiple-choice questions. Therefore, there is no need to type the answer, as feedback will be given just by clicking the right answer.

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2. Feedback Buttons

You can place the feedback button at various places on your website. In most cases, companies put emotion buttons that customer can express their emotion by choosing a related button. It is advised to use clickable feedback buttons in your emails or customer support chats.

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3. Quick Feedback by Scanning a QR Code

This option is the easiest one, though not everyone is aware of this method. You attach a QR sticker to your product and the customer is able to provide feedback by scanning a QR code. Softbrik offers you a smart platform, where you can collect and use customer feedback in four easy steps: 1. You generate a unique QR code in your Softbrik account. 2. You print QR stickers and attach them to your product. 3. The customer gives text or voice-based feedback by scanning a QR code. 4. You analyze feedback in your Softbrik account using the system’s sentiment analyses.

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How to Use Customer Feedback

4. Analyze Customer Feedback to Improve Your Product

After you collect enough feedback, it is time to use them for your product analyses. Thereby you engage your customers in the product development of your company. You can gather the statistics of your best and least popular products.

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5. Reward Customers Who Send the Feedback

If customer feedback affects your product analyses and development, let them know about that. Believe us they will be happy to hear that their voice was heard. In addition to that, why not send him a discount or free gift. This way you also increase the number of your loyal customers.

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6. Create a Testimonial.

Online reviews have a significant impact on the purchasing decision of the customer. That is why most of the customers look for online reviews before making a purchase. You can choose the best customer feedback which is well described, and add to your website. This way you add a layer of trust to your brand and increase inbound leads.

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We’re Proud to Introduce: Our Briks that Will Help You to Take, Collect and Analyse Customer Feedback.

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Welcome to the year, when you and your team will be able to take, collect and analyze customer feedback using only one platform. Thanks to artificial intelligence you will be able to do all these in four easy steps:

  1. Create a unique QR code in your Softbrik account
  2. Print QR stickers and attach to your item
  3. A customer scans the QR on your product and gives feedback
  4. You collect and analyze feedback in your Softbrik account.

If you are interested in how this platform works, feel free to book a demo with Softbrik following this link.

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