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The threat of Coronavirus to our world is already an unquestionable serious issue. There are over 100 000  confirmed cases in more than 100 countries. The virus has started to show its negative impact on global economic growth.  JP Morgan Global Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s index fell to its lowest level since 2009
Some companies start to think and plan the worst-case scenarios. How it will affect the workflow of companies if the virus goes further? Here comes the necessity to start creating a remote working environment. Yet, this nightmare for companies forces them to act quickly. It is important to create a remote environment that won’t have a negative effect on productivity. 
In this article, I have highlighted remote working tips for companies.  These recommendations will help to keep productivity during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Secure Remote Access To Company Assets


By creating a remote working environment for your team you get the security issues of your assets. Thus,  your company should start to think about obtaining a secure VPN connection. All your employers should access the system through the VPN. So it is important for the company to search for reputable VPN apps or websites. With the information available on the Internet, it is not hard to find a good one. I also recommend you to consider NordVPN or SurfShark.

It is Time to Get Good Business Applications

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The collaboration of your team is very important for the productivity of your company. So, you need to create a comfortable collaboration environment for your employers not to lose the quality of workflow. Do not forget that now you are creating a digital working environment. It is very different from the office environment. You need to find the answer to the following questions to create an operative virtual office: 

  • Do I have a common secure cloud for the files?
  • Are all the employers comfortable with using this cloud?
  • Do I have the right task management tool?
  • Is there any common communication tool for employers?
  • Which tools do I have to deal with customer inquiries?

If you find the answers to these questions, you can ensure that your company is ready for the Coronavirus outbreak. 

What If You Get All-­in­-One Platform for Your  Team

Man using Trust Brik business app in laptop

Softbrik platform has to be popular among start­up companies due to its affordable price for features worth triple times more than its actual price. However, now during the Coronavirus outbreak, it is getting useful for any kind of business dealing with customers. Do you remember I have mentioned the importance of a business app during remote workflow? What if you get all these features in one platform? Softbrik smart solution offers for companies customer feedback tool, task manager, file cloud and asset tracker in one single platform. Currently, you can get 30 days of free usage of the platform by booking a demo with them.  Does this sound a great free solution for a remote working environment for companies?

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