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Almost all countries affected by the spread of COVID 19 take strict measures by urging companies to close their offices. Companies get a challenging task to build remote working environment for their team in a very short time. Here it is quite important to choose the right tools to keep your team productive despite work from home. In this article we have highlighted the seven best tools to build remote team.

Stak Brik by Softbrik

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All of the companies that work with customers need to have the customer management tools to solve inquiries. Especially in these difficult days customers become more sensitive and expect more attention from companies. Stak Brik offers smart ticketing solutions for companies. You can create and assign cutstomer issues between your team. Currently Softbrik offers free usage of the feature as a measure to support companies durign the Coronavirus outbreak.


Zoom video conference

In the current stage people prefer remote meetups instead of traditional meetings. Most of the conferences and B2B meetings are canceled. Yet, this situation should not stop companies to continue networking between each other. Especially now you have to think to get a video communication solution for your team. You can get Zoom for free for unlimited meetings with 40 minutes limit per video call. This time range is quite enough to discuss all important aspects with your partner or potential customer.


Trllo platform

Moving to remote work decreases working atmosphere for your team. If before office was a source of this aspect, now it becomes challlenging for employer to schedule his tasks accordingly, and to divide them between teammates. Trello offers free platform to assign tasks among your team. Furthermore, you can track the progress of their work and add additional assignment or comments.


Salck internal communication platform

And of course how you can create an ideal remote working environment without the platform for internal communicaton. Here Slack offers a great solution for the communication of your team. Send private messages, create communication groups for each of your department or type of task and update information from one platform. And Slack is completely free as long as you do not reach the limit of 10 000 messaages.

Trust Brik by Softbrik

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As you are building better environment for the internal work of your team, lets not forget about the customers. Customers need their voice to be heard especially during their challenging days, as they become more emtional. Trust Brik offers smart customer feedback solution for companies, where they can get feedback from customers in two easy steps. For this you need to generate a unique QR code for your product and attach it to your item, website or private enail. Customer can provide both text and voice feedback by scanning QR. Each feedback is collected in your Softbrik account. Currently Softbrik offers free usage of the feature for all users who book demo with the company.


Getresponse email marketing platform

Especially these days it is quite important to show your customers that you are with them. Offer free usage of something, give discounts and giveaways. Email marketing here is an amazing tool to reach to your customers and share your recent updates. And the chance that they will open your email is very high, as now people prefer to spend most of their time at home. Try to segment and organize your emails according to your customers’ interests and send the right campaign to the most interested people. Here Getresponse will be your indispensable email marketing tool. From your Getresponse account you will be able to create landing pages, email newsletters and even automated funnels. They offer 30 days free usage, so you can give it a try.

File Brik by Softbrik

man using Softbrik platform on the laptop

Till now your team should have tools for their internal work and customer management. Now it is time to think about your company’s assets. The safety and accessibility of files is very important for your staff. Therefore, you need a platform from which your team will be able to access and share assets between each other. File Brik by Softbrik offers 100GB free storage for your assets. You can easly upload and share the files with your team as a link or QR. Moreover, with File Brik you can get three other briks for customer feedback, customer ticketing solutions and physical assets for free by booking a demo with Softbrik.

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