How to Reduce The Pressure on Healthcare System with Softbrik.

The fast development of medicine has shed light on many illnesses. If before people were fearful of even pain on the back, then now they are more comfortable enough to entrust their lives to hospitals. Despite the high quality of service, medical centers are less experienced to deal with many patients at the same time. Here comes the question of how to act during serious global cases like pandemia, crises affected by any virus and etc. How to reduce the pressure on the healthcare system during these cases that will increase the need for hospitals?

Two Main Pain Points That Need to be Solved.

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The Healthcare system is now mostly focused on improving its service/quality and conducting new researches aimed to improve treatment methods. Yet, most of the hospitals are not prepared for serious health crises, when they will have to deal with many patients. In order to get ready for such situations, medical centers need to find the answer to three important questions:

  • Which contact methods to use to collect inquiries and feedback?
  • How to prioritize inquiries?

Let’s start with the first question. During the widespread epidemy or any other diseases, hospitals have to deal with many requests. The traditional methods of phone calls can create a huge list of waiting for patients to answer their call. Using email, in this case, can be also problematic, as sometimes emails can be sent to a Spam folder. In addition to that, listening to the customer is much easy than reading the text. Unfortunately, now email platforms do not provide an opportunity to send a voice message in email.

Coming to the second question it is quite challenging to prioritize calls according to their importance. It can be the usual case when the doctor spends quite a bit of time-solving less important customer requests, while a patient with a more important case is on hold. The same problem appears with emails, though in an email request you can ask the patient to include the category of the problem on the subject line.

Softbrik Provides Smart Feedback Solution to Reduce The Pressure on Healthcare System.

Softbrik smart solution for healthcare system

Softbrik platform has already gained success in helping E-Commerce stores, HORECA companies and service providers to collect and use customer feedback. After the threat of Coronavirus pandemia to the world, Softbrik team has put its offers to analyze and decide on how its features can reduce the pressure/ decrease workflows/help healthcare professionals to prioritize the tasks We are happy to announce that with our feedback feature medical centers will be able to get and analyze inquiries in three easy steps: Our platform can use voice-tech based automated symptom detection to reduce the pressure on the health care system.

How it works:

  1. .Hospitals/healthcare institutions create and send QR codes or URLs through multiple channels (SMS, email, etc.)
  2. The household members give regular voice-based health feedback by scanning QR
  3. Our AI detects feedback’s keywords (ex. ”I have a dry cough”) and the dashboard automatically warns relevant persons about early symptoms, improvement, worsening of conditions, recovery or relapse to prioritize scarce medical resources and take immediate actions.
qr feedback in hospitals

The benefits that medical centers will get using Softbrik platform:

  • There will be reduced the response time to patients
  • Doctors will get the possibility to respond to the customers according to the seriousness of their case.
  • Patients will be engaged in the development of the service and quality of the medical center.
  • Medical centers will be able to collect and use customer recommendations to create a patient-friendly environment.

Currently, we are open to requests from medical centers interested in partnership with us. All interested hospitals please contact us at Our team members will get in touch with you to discuss partnership details.

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