effective remote working for companies

Considering the recent restrictions happening all over the world due to the spread of COVID 19, most of the companies had to close their offices. In the current situation training on remote work is becoming very important. Entrepreneurs are stuck with the question of how to organize an effective remote work environment for them and their team.

In response to that, Softbrik is running a free 25-minute webinar on the best practices to establish a productive remote working environment. There will be given an additional 15 minutes for questions and answers. The webinar will be conducted by Romit Choudhury – Marketing professional with solid experience at Silicone Valley, Google, AWS and Adil Aliyev- Customer Relations professional with solid experience in both B2B and B2C fields within several industries such as Telecommunication, Retail, Consulting, and SaaS.

Our hosts will provide the best practices, recommendations and real-life examples around virtual working. The webinar will cover the key topics including:

  • Individual Steps – Self Discipline, Hardware Requirements, Software Requirements
  •  Family Requirements esp. Kids
  • Collaboration – Ownership, Discipline, Etiquette
  • Live it Up! Fun things to do online
  •  Q&A session 

Who should join?

The webinar is for every company, especially the ones that consist of more than two employers.

Fill out the form below to register for Softbrik’s free webinar on the most effective tips on how to work remotely. It will take place on April 7 20220 at 12: 30 GMT +1.

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