effective remote working for companies

FREE Webinar on Remote Working Tips for Companies

Considering the recent restrictions happening all over the world due to the spread of COVID 19, most of the companies had to close their offices. In the current situation training
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7 Must-Have Free Tools to Build Remote Team During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Almost all countries affected by the spread of COVID 19 take strict measures by urging companies to close their offices. Companies get a challenging task to build remote working environment
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Remote Working Tips for Companies During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

The threat of Coronavirus to our world is already an unquestionable serious issue. There are over 100 000  confirmed cases in more than 100 countries. The virus has started to
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6 Proven Ways to Collect and Use Customer Feedback

There are many ways and advice available for you that could be implemented to collect and use customer feedback. Yet, in this article, we will provide you the best-proven strategies.
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Why You Need to Collect Customer Feedback in Any Restaurant?

You can find an answer to the following questions by spending 3 minutes to read the article below: Do I need customer feedback in a restaurant? Why it is important
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Softbrik SaaS platform

How to Earn More with Trust Brik in 4 Easy Steps

Have you imagined that to increase your revenue you only need two things? I already guess about the answer you are thinking right now: expensive sales tools and spending on
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