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Collect and use customer feedback with trust brik

Trust Brik platform helps you to get customer reviews about your product with smart QR solution. Crate QR code for each of your product, Attach QR’s to your item or use as a link in your website or email campaigns

Organize your files in one cloud

Get 500GB free storage to keep your company’s assets. Share files with your collegues as a QR or link.

Solve your customer orders right from your account

Solve your customer inquiries using Stak Brik. Creta, assign and solve tickets in a matter of minutes.

reach more customers online with professional webshop

Start to reach more customers online with professionally designed webshop. Our developers will take care of the creation and design of your webshop. You just need to add your products and start selling.

Choose the perfect plan

Start investing to the technology of tomorrow. Choose the right plan for your business and get more revenue. 


Per month

  • 500GB Storage
  • Customer feedback platform
  • Lifetime Support

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Per month

  • 500GB Storage
  • Customer feedback platform
  • CRM tool
  • Lifetime Support

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Per month

  • 100GB Storage
  • Free webshop with basic design
  • Customer feedback platform
  • Lifetime Support

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Frequently asked questions

What is Softbrik?

Softbrik is a Cloud based software as a service (SaaS) product where you can find business apps (Briks) that are designed to take care of all your company’s critical business processes. Each Brik is an independent business module (example: file storage, inventory management, automated customer service) at extremely low price of 6 to 10 euros per user per month. We are adding more Briks regularly to better support more of your business processes.

What are Softbrik benefits over IT systems or standalone software?

With Softbrik you can get started within minutes. You only pay for the features you need and you can scale up or down according to business needs. Also, no more headache to manage data and installation of different standalone software. Finally, as the Briks are interconnected, you get analytics from the cross-dependency of processes leading to pro-active mitigations.

How does Softbrik work?

When you register with Softbrik you become the admin of the team account and you can assign Briks to team members (users) as they need them in their respective job roles. Each user will receive an email invite with sign up information and after joining they can directly start to use the Briks assigned to them for day to day business.

Will Softbrik add more Briks?

Yes! We are planning much more Briks soon. Users will be notified on the release of new Briks immediately. We will be explaining more about our roadmap and new Briks on our blog.

What is Softbrik’s cancellation Policy?

There are two types of cancellation.
Removing Individual Users: If you remove a user after the month starts, the user will be fully removed at the end of the payment period and you will be charged for the Briks enrolled to that user for the rest of the month. You can reverse this decision and add the user back later anytime if you wish.

Removing Company Account: In the case that you wish to terminate the Softbrik account permanently, please mail to us at and we will terminate the account. Each account can be closed only at the end of a payment period, so please contact us no later than 2 weeks before next payment date. This is a non-reversible decision and, in the future, to use Softbrik your company account has to be registered again. No company data will be retained.

Our clients say

Softbrik helped us to grow our loyal customer base by taking their voice and text feedback and automatically analysing sentiments. We used the data to understand customer needs and retarget them using their email addresses. The platform is very user-friendly for our non technical staff to use.
Emin Munshiyev and Bakhtiyar Jabrailov
Co-founders of ShaurmaKebab fast-food chain
Softbrik just makes everything awesome for me and my team in terms of collecting issues using Stak Brik.
Daniel Carlson
Senior Software Engineer at JS Academy
I signed-up my team to use Softbrik esp. Stak Brik for Customer Support. They have been happy ever since with its simplicity and flexibility to receive and solve issues both with our clients and within the company.
Founder of PRM Fincon